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Explore our tips and advice on scalp psoriasis from the causes and symptoms to how to get the treatment you need.


Scalp psoriasis is different from dandruff and seborrhoeic dermatitis in that it is a rare genetic condition, affecting just 3% of the world’s population.

If you have a close relative with scalp psoriasis, there’s a chance you may have It too – in fact 30% of people who have a relativewith the condition also suffer from it.

The causes of scalp psoriasis explained.

Symptoms of scalp psoriasis

There are some similarities between scalp psoriasis and the symptoms of dandruff such as flaking, itching and dry scalp but suffers are also likely to experience

•  scaly, red, bumpy patches
•  silvery-white scales
•  burning or soreness
•  *hair loss

These are not just confined to the scalp either and can appear on areas like your elbows, knees and naval as well as the more commonareas such as the scalp, hands and face.

Scalp psoriasis treatment

At  Head & Shoulders, we don’t produce a shampoo to treat scalp psoriasis. Instead, you should talk to your dermatologist to findout the best treatment for you.

There are a number of options available over the counter including creams, ointments and gels.

You may also get a prescription for other treatments such as specially medicated shampoos and scalp treatments.

*All references on this page refers to hair fall or hair loss due to breakage