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I have suffered from a dry scalp and dry hair for most of my life. It comes and goes but I was never able to understand why. I tried almost everything, from homemade remedies over the internet to pricy hair products recommended by friends and family. But the problem would disappear for a while, then come back again. It was such an endless loop that made me doubtful of the existence of an effective cure.

It wasn’t just the scalp that was driving me crazy, but also my hair would go all frizzy and uncontrollable in a way that sometimes made me escape outings and parties.

You know those “good hair” days, I rarely had them!

Until one day, I was watching the TV on some random channel where a dermatologist mentioned “Argan oil”. He talked about how the oil is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that benefit the hair, scalp, skin, lips, nails, and pretty much the whole body.

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It got me thinking “would it actually work out with me?” I, of course, had my doubts, given the fact that I tried so many things but every time I got disappointed.

For some reason, this negativity didn’t stop me from doing my research on the ingredient. So, I Googled Argan oil and read about the endless benefits it can bring to the human body, from tip to toe! I was hooked when I learned that it’s known as the Moroccan Liquid Gold.

The key benefit I found is its ability to deeply moisturize and soften the skin. And this was exactly what my hair and scalp needed!

So, I made a deal with myself: to try it on my skin first and examine the results. If it worked, I would try Argan on my hair too.


I bought a few products with Argan oil and applied them on my face and hands twice a day for four weeks.

My skin began to feel smoother and softer than ever, to the extent that my husband started to notice too. Especially my face, which had some acne here and there, Argan oil reduced them noticeably.

What was surprisingly good about it was that I didn’t feel the greasiness I usually felt when using other oily products. Argan oil gets completely absorbed into the skin.

I was very happy with the results and thought to try it on my hair too, since scalp is just an extension of the skin.


I was scared that it wouldn’t work as effectively on my hair as it did on my skin. But I gave it a shot anyway. For another month, I applied Argan oil on my hair 2 to 3 times a week and the results were astonishing! My scalp started to breathe again, feeling very hydrated and fresh. All the tightness I felt was replaced with a relaxing sensation.

Not only this, but my hair too started to be frizz-free and controllable. It felt softer and looked healthier! I stopped spending hours styling it; it got surprisingly manageable.

Additionally, my friends and family started telling me that my hair looked shinier and healthier which got me happy in so many ways.


I must say that the process of applying Argan oil on my hair took a long time. Even though the results were amazing, the method I initially used needed time and patience.

Firstly, I’d dispense a few drops of the oil on my hands and massaged the scalp and hair for 10 minutes. Then, I’d wrap my hair in a towel and sleep till the next morning. Finally, I’d wash my hair thoroughly and style it the way I like.

After a while, I discovered an even easier way to use the oil and it brought even faster results. I was thankfully introduced to the collection of Head & Shoulders Supreme, a shampoo and conditioner formulated with Argan oil to deeply hydrate and refresh the scalp and hair while restoring the shininess of hair.

Because this product deeply nourishes you whole head, hair AND scalp; it ensures a healthy foundation that helps your hair look 10 years younger. My hair never looked or felt better!

Now, I use the collection up to 3 times a week to deeply clean and condition my hair in no time and I have never been happier with my hair. My scalp feels fresh, my hair is happy and hydrated and it also smells amazing! No wonder H&S Supreme is the first shampoo to win a skin award.