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Head and Shoulders

Healthy, light and iridescent hair is not always achieved by using haircare products and ingredients as they are meant to be used, but being inventive in the way that you are using them.

This means looking at unlikely avenues to ensure the best results, and may mean blow drying your hair on cold through a cotton T Shirt, or microwaving essential hair oil before putting them on your hair. Among these, we look at some inventive ways to ensure that you get the most
for your hair out of the products you are using.

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Ditch your towel for a t-shirt

In this region, hair is already battling some of the harshest elements – dust, humidity, high temperatures, and air conditioning, that you want to alleviate as much damage at possible in the home. So when you’ve washed your tresses, ditch the towel and grab a T-shirt to blot your hair. The friction created by the bath’s fuzzy fibres can result in frizz and split ends. A soft cotton T-shirt's tightly woven "grain" absorbs water without aggravating hair cuticles.

Use charcoal to deep cleanse your hair

Charcoal has long been hailed as a miracle ingredient for skin care, but did you know that it can have the same effect on your hair? Charcoal itself tends to be a very messy ingredient to work with, but when you use a shampoo that has charcoal as the primary ingredient, the results you
will see will be incredible – your hair will be cleaner and purer than ever before, with more volume. It will be iridescent and still maintain its natural oils and nutrients. Moreover, if you suffer from dandruff, or a dry and itchy scalp, a  charcoal-rich shampoo will help you navigate
those issues for the healthiest hair ever.

Sometimes not washing your hair is the best solution

There is absolutely nothing wrong with washing your hair on the daily, and it does not have damaging effects. However, men and women with thick, frizzy tresses may want to avoid washing their hair every day due to the humidity levels, making their hair more manageable. To tackle hair that has a mind of its own, try using a moisturizing and smoothing shampoo,
which reads and responds to damage along the length of the hair, taming your locks and leaving them smooth and strong. Also, be generous on the amount of shampoo you use – especially if you’re not washing your hair often as it may need more shampoo to be cleaned.