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If summer is our friend, then heat is our foe. Sadly, both are inseparable. We can’t have summer without the heat - and when it’s not just normal heat… it can make us do crazy things to fight it off! There are days when the heat makes you feel like your scalp gets itchier or your dandruff worsens. It feels like everything works against you, every day, all summer long. And you are required to go on with your life like nothing is happening. But your temper fails you. The heat smothers you. Your scalp kills you.

“What should I do?” You may ask, trying not to lose your mind. Well, traditionally, some people resort to some extreme solutions to cool down their scalps that we are going to share with you below. We will also introduce you to ONE modern solution to relief  scalp itchiness and cool your head right to achieve an ICE-COLD feeling on your head without doing anything crazy. Curious? Keep reading to find out!


Some men shave their heads when the weather starts to get hot in the hope of protecting themselves from the heat. Once the summer hits, the scalp becomes itchier and white flakes start to appear on the hair. Well, that’s because dandruff and itchiness usually walk hand in hand, and they tend to worsen during high temperatures.

Here is an easy explanation of dandruff, to get a grasp of it: The white flakes you see on the head and clothes are caused by a microbe called Malassezia Globosa. This microbe feeds off the natural oils on the scalp, making them break. When those oils break, they produce oleic acid which most scalps are easily irritated by. Hence, your scalp starts to itch, and dandruff begins to increase; urging you to scratch more and more to get some relief.

So, instead of all the discomfort and irritation, some men just decide to buzz their heads. However, they might notice some red spots on their bald head caused by all the scratching.

But what if you don’t really want to shave your head?!


It is almost the first thing that crosses our mind when we feel intolerably hot - to just turn the faucet on, push our heads under the water, and feel the cold sensation running from our head and down to the whole body.

As relieving as this might sound, it is impractical because you can’t really do that at work or on your way to visit a friend. Also, it is temporary as the water will dry off your head within seconds, then you will have to wet your head all over again. It’s a vicious cycle! In addition, water by itself won’t solve your dandruff or itchiness scalp issues.


If wetting your head is a strange idea, using cold compresses might even be a stranger way to fight off the heat. Although it is used by some men, adding ice cubes in a pack and using it on your head might be ineffective. It temporarily relieves the inflammation feeling, but it won’t completely solve how your head feels weird, sweaty, and itchy. Similar to wetting your head, you won’t be able to use cold compresses everywhere and they don’t do anything to improve your scalp health.


Let’s face it, such extreme solutions have no place in today’s world. You want something instant and effective. Luckily, Head & Shoulders Subzero shampoo helps you stay cool this summer by giving your head a -5 °C sensation when you use it. Because of the way this product is developed, with double the menthol, it gives you the ultimate itch-free, cold and clean feeling.

On top of the instant ICE-COLD feeling, Head & Shoulders Subzero formula relieves your scalp from itch instantly and keeps your head 100% free from that annoying dandruff, so you don’t have to shave your head off.

You can use the product daily to feel the instant frosty feeling, whether you’re going to work, shopping, playing sports outdoors – you name it. Stay refreshed with Head & Shoulders Subzero and don’t let this summer heat get to you!