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Summer is right around the corner! This might be good news for some and bad news for others. If you like outdoor activities, you might find these news terrifying. It is almost impossible to enjoy a long walk or a good run under the burning sun heat. It can be agonizing once you step out of the air-conditioned room, let alone play sports or exercise.

We’ve all been through the agony of an itchy scalp in summer - when your scalp starts to itch, and your head feels like it is going to explode from the heat. It is totally normal – But it’s an issue that can now be dealt with.

Luckily, this summer, Head & Shoulders brings a brand-new shampoo that fights scalp itchiness while giving you an ICE-COLD head: Head & Shoulders Subzero – And yes, it is named “Subzero” because it gives you a -5°C sensation! You don’t need to surrender to the summer heat this year.

Continue reading to discover how menthol-infused hair products, like Head & Shoulders Subzero can give you a refreshing and icy feeling on the scalp to fight this summer’s unfavorable heat.


There are so many outdoor activities that you can enjoy outdoors, whether it’s solo or with mates: hiking, running, cycling or playing basketball – to name a few. When you exercise or perform any physical activity, your body’s temperature automatically increases, and if you do so under the sun; your body might feel double the heat and your head can begin to excessively sweat. When this happens, some even feel like scalp itchiness aggravates!

It is in these occasions that we may feel like putting your head inside the freezer – But if this sounds a little too extreme, try Head & Shoulders Subzero shampoo instead, it pretty much feels like dumping a bucket of ice on your head!


This summer, you can go out more and enjoy the activities you love with the coolest and most refreshed scalp ever. Just use Head & Shoulders Subzero shampoo, developed with double more menthol that regular products, to stimulate a cool sensation on your scalp – Making your head feel like -5 °C.

This product is specially designed to clear your scalp from dandruff and reduce itchiness to enjoy every moment outdoors.


Head & Shoulders Subzero is developed with 2X more menthol than the normal products. The concentration of the menthol in the product stimulates some nerve endings associated with the sensation of coolness, hence the frosty refreshment you feel.

So, if you wash your hair with Head & Shoulders Subzero before going out, it will help you feel refreshed; all while protecting your scalp and giving you confidence in every step you take. We recommend washing your hair with the product on a daily basis to get an intense icy feeling and an itch-free scalp all throughout Summer.

How to use Head & Shoulders Subzero shampoo:

  • Shake the product before using

  • Wet your hair with water

  • Squirt some of the shampoo into your palm

  • Apply on the hair and massage thoroughly, paying attention to the scalp

  • Rinse completely

  • Enjoy the -5°C sensation!


This year, don’t let the heat get in the way of enjoying the activities you love. This summer you will go out and have fun with Head & Shoulders Subzero giving you the clean and icy cool feel you need on your head… Now Summer can’t stop you!