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Picture of healthy, long hair girl holding Head & Shoulders Supreme collection including shampoo and conditioner

Bad hair days can be tough. Frizz, tangles, dry ends, white flakes… These are all things that can give a girl the shivers! I remember that one year I neglected my hair so much that it became extremely dry and I would dread the moment to brush it. It felt stiff and unmanageable! I really needed something to bring my hair back to life. I felt like if you looked at it, you would think I was much older. If only I had had a product to make my hair look 10 years younger...

But don’t you worry, if you are in a similar situation, you are in luck – because today, it exists!

And the trick is very simple: moisture, moisture, and more moisture.


The reason your hair looks dull could totally be due to lack of moisture. This is because a healthy scalp needs proper moisture to thrive, and without it, the quality of your hair can be compromised.

Moisture makes the hair look full of life. Environmental conditions like harsh sun and chemical treatments cause the hair to become dehydrated, which leads to hair that looks and feels dull. That is why regular hair hydration can make a huge difference to your mane and help you regain your hair’s shine.

In short, if you want to exhibit healthy and beautiful hair, you’ll need to look after your moisturization techniques to avoid a flaky scalp and dry hair strands. Plus, dull and lifeless-looking hair may make you look older than you are – and none of us want that, am I right?


1) First and foremost, use a shampoo and conditioner that deeply hydrates your scalp and hair. Head & Shoulders Supreme does just that, by deeply penetrating the dryness of your hair & scalp, which ultimately helps you achieve that younger and lively look and feel you want of your hair.

2) Drink lots of water: Drinking 8-10 glasses of water each day is recommended to help keep your body hydrated.

3) Let your hair air dry: Yes, you heard that right – No hair driers! You don’t need to dry your hair using heat, let it dry naturally after a wash. The hot air from the dryer snatches away the moisture from your hair, making it look dull.

4) Avoid high heat: Take a break from that hair straightener – Heat styling tools will dry the moisture in your hair, making it drier and frizzier. Experiment with new hairstyles that don’t need styling with heat.

With everything that we put our hair through on a daily basis – heat, pollution, styling (to name a few), it’s crucial that we nourish it with a deeply hydrating shampoo when we care for it. Head & Shoulders Supreme plays the dual role of moisturizing your hair and scalp; both at the same time, leaving your hair moisturized while also giving you a healthy scalp where your locks can thrive.

Crafted with a golden ingredient, Argan oil, Head & Shoulders Supreme gently hydrates a dry scalp and leaves your hair glossy soft from the very first wash. The best part? This isn’t a temporary shine. If you use Head & Shoulders Supreme regularly, your hair will stay healthy, hydrated, and help you look 10 years younger.


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