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Who doesn’t love summer? it is that time of the year when we become the most energetic and vibrant version of ourselves. We gather with our mates more often to go for a morning swim, go shopping to our favorite mall or hit the gym at night. Even getting out of bed for work is not as painful as it is in winter.

But sadly, it has a down-side. An unforgivable down-side: Heat! Extreme summer heat is no joke. It has some serious impact on your hair, and eventually… your mood. Spending so much time under the sun sometimes also makes people feel as if the scalp gets itchier.

But what if we told that you there is a brand-new product that makes your head feel ICE-COLD while fighting dandruff at the same time? Head & Shoulders Subzero does just that. Infused with extra menthol, this revolutionizing shampoo tackles the most common hair issues men suffer during summer.

Ahead, we explore these issues and introduce the Head & Shoulders Subzero magic that saves summer fun from turning into summer horrors.


Dandruff is men’s worst enemy and when combined with heat… it can be a true nightmare. Although dandruff appears all year long, it can feel worse during the summer. The microbe responsible for dandruff, Malassezia Globosa, feeds on sebum produced by the oils from our sweat glands; and so, summer sweating can affect some men’s dandruff.

Nothing is more stressful than going out to a social event and being constantly conscious about your dandruff. It’s problematic, but thankfully, manageable.

To overcome white flakes and enjoy a clean and cool scalp, you need to use anti-dandruff and menthol-infused hair products that are specially developed to fix the root of the issue. Such products act as a double-edged weapon: Fighting dandruff and keeping your head cool.


Heat mixed with sweat can lead to a burning itch that won’t go away with scratching. It feels like you want to pour icy water over your head. But, of course, you can’t go to your business meetings all wet and soaked in water, unless you want to be discharged!

Although heat might aggravate the itchy sensation, it is not the core cause. The real responsible here is mainly dandruff. When the microbe grows on the scalp, it breaks down its natural oils, producing oleic acid which half of us are sensitive to. Meanwhile, your scalp starts to shed dead skin at a faster pace, triggering the itch sensation. So, you keep scratching and scratching, but in vain.

The solution? - Head & Shoulders Subzero!

By washing your head with Head & Shoulders Subzero shampoo, infused with double the menthol, you can enjoy an extremely cool sensation on your scalp that lasts while fighting dandruff.


Heat can make the calmest one of us tremendously irritated and low-tempered. Each summer is getting hotter than the previous one and it seems like there is no escape. It is hard to function when your scalp is boiling under the burning sun or when an imperceptible hot flash strikes you from head to toe during the day.

It is very oppressing, indeed, but there is an effective solution available at your fingertips: Head & Shoulders Subzero Shampoo, a product that cools your scalp like ice!


Head & Shoulders Subzero is developed with 2X more menthol than other menthol shampoos to give you a -5 °C coolness sensation this summer. Wash your head with this product daily to get an instant cooling feeling on your head, relief scalp itchiness instantly and fix the dandruff issue for good.

Regardless of the excruciating heat outside, you can enjoy every moment with a frosty, clean, and itch-free scalp. Head & Shoulders Subzero gives you ultimate confidence and relaxation this summer.