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Head and Shoulders

Charcoal is fast becoming a go-to beauty product. We first came across this miracle ingredient as a food grade substance used detoxify our body. Then came the rage that is known as the charcoal face mask, a favorite for unblocking pores and reducing impurities. And we are seeing
the product increasingly used in skin related products. But the use of this miracle ingredient extends beyond that; today, charcoal is the new hair care secret that will take your locks from heavy and lifeless to voluminous and sparking in just a few washes.

Charcoal: The New Hair Beauty Secret Video

While it may not seem like the glamorous thing to do, introducing the gritty black ingredient to your hair care regimen will reinvigorate your locks.

In the summer months especially, due to all the humidity and dust in the air, we feel the additional weight of dirt and toxins on our hair. And this additional dirt and oil will cause hair to sag and have that dull and lifeless look. Regular shampoos do not have the right ingredients to purify the hair, and those that do often end up stripping the hair of essential oils and nutrients.

Using a shampoo with charcoal will gently detox your hair to banish toxins and access build up from the scalp. What this means is that it will purify hair and create an eye catching shine and a pure clean that you’ll never look back. And because it’s gentle, it won’t strip your hair of moisture, leaving it lush and healthy.

Moreover, shampoos with charcoal do not leave behind residue, which means that your hair will be lighter and thus have instant volume. In fact, you’ll notice a healthy bounce to your hair immediately after the first time you use the charcoal.

In addition to making your hair look and feel great, charcoal can also be used to relieve scalp issues such as dandruff, redness and oil. The charcoal will have the same effect on the scalp as it does on hair – pulling out all the toxins and purifying it.

So the next time you find yourself in the shampoo aisle, reach out for that bottle with charcoal and see your hair care transformation begin.