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Charcoal has been used for centuries for purification and detoxification. How does this work?

This fine black powder is formed by heating carbon-rich materials to an extremely high temperature making it porous. This means that when particles like dirt, debris, and toxins come into contact with activated charcoal it attracts, attaches and is easily washed away in the cleansing process.

This beautiful black powder acts like a chemical magnet to rid whatever it touches of impurities and toxins! Here are the five key benefits of adding activated charcoal to your haircare regimen:

Promotes healthy scalp: Your scalp is your skin too, and like your skin, it often produces excess sebum and absorbs unnecessary dirt and oil, which can clog hair follicles and impede your hair’s ability to grow. Activated charcoal deep cleanses the hair, unclogs pores and rids the scalp of impurities that allow your hair and scalp to breathe and thus grow more effectively.

Detox your hair and scalp: Activated charcoal is an awesome purifier. Because of its porous texture, it naturally attracts and pulls toxins and impurities from your hair and scalp. The toxins on your scalp and hair stick to the activated charcoal giving your hair an extra clean finish without stripping it of its natural oils, like traditional shampoos.

Relieves itchiness: Activated charcoal is not only able to remove inhibiting elements such as toxins, impurities and harsh chemicals from the scalp but it also promotes the proper production of proteins and supports natural processes that contribute to hair health. When it is combined with other natural ingredients like apple cider vinegar that contains a protein-rich enzyme shown to repair and strengthen hair, the result is a head of healthy tresses that did not require the use of expensive, synthetic-laden products.

Repairs damaged scalps and various scalp conditions: Since activated charcoal shampoos hydrate and extract toxins, it’s great for relieving itchy, dry, irritated scalps and it reduces the likelihood of developing dandruff.

Reduces oiliness: If you have an oily scalp and notice dandruff because of oily skin, activated charcoal can help. Since it is super absorbent, activated charcoal will absorb this oil, leaving your scalp less oily and free of dandruff.


Activated charcoal offers many different benefits for your skin, hair, and even your teeth. This has quickly become the beauty product of the year and will likely stick around for a while. Newly launched  Head & Shoulders Charcoal Detox contains zinc pyrithione and cooling menthol to give you a fresh scalp, and healthy-looking, flake-free hair all day long.

For more great tips, watch this video by popular YouTuber Noorstars on how she maintains a clean and detoxified head of hair.