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There is a myth that adding moisture to your hair will make it feel heavy and greasy, but that’s not the case. Moisture is very important for the well-being of your hair – you need hair hydration to keep it healthy, soft, and defined. And, well, moisturized hair looks shiny too! Proper hair hydration can help you get hair that looks 10 years younger.

Fortunately, nature has given us amazing gifts to moisturize our hair and Head & Shoulders Supreme has found the perfect way to combine them and unlock your hair’s 10-year younger looking self.

Let’s take a look at these natural ingredients one by one:

1) Aloe Vera is the top (of the top) ingredient when it comes to hair moisturization. It belongs to the Lily family and is found in southern Europe and North Africa. The word Aloe comes from the Greek word Alsos (bitter) and refers to the bitter juice from the leaves of these plants¹. Aloe vera is known in medicine as the silent healer². This magic medicine helps improve the scalp moisture through a water-binding mechanism. The unique composition of the plant helps hold moisture to the scalp and hair³. This makes hair beautiful from within.

2) Another ‘moisture miracle’ from nature is Argan oil, which is a natural oil known for treating a dry scalp - and it really does work wonders! This oil is obtained from the fruits of the argan
tree that grows almost only in southern Morocco and is prepared by cold pressing the unroasted kernels. The palmitic and linoleic acids present in Argan oil hydrate the scalp from within⁴.

Together, Aloe Vera and Argan oil can help provide holistic hydration to your scalp and hair when combined and used properly.

The clever way to moisturize your hair with Argan Oil and Aloe Vera:

Your hair is constantly exposed to so much, at all times! Be it environmental conditions like humidity or sunrays, or treatments like high heat. All of these influence your hairs’ texture and can eventually lead to severe dehydration. There are several DIY Argan & Aloe hair care routines available on the internet, and even though results can be good; home remedies require lots of time, patience, and a huge number of test & trials to get them right.

The good news is, there is an easier way to reap the benefits of Argan & Aloe: The Head &
Shoulders Supreme collection. The Head & Shoulders Supreme Scalp Rejuvenation and Scalp Soothing ranges are packed with the goodness of Aloe Vera and Argan oil. The collection contains a shampoo and conditioner each that are engineered for dry scalp and hair. The
collection deeply nourishes and rejuvenates your scalp and hair.

The result: You have moisturized hair that is healthy and looks 10 years younger!

Your scalp is an extension of your skin and needs moisture as much as your skin does. Head & Shoulders Supreme to your scalp and hair is what an excellent moisturizer is to skin. Its formulation binds the moisture and protects it. Head and Shoulders Supreme moisturizes your scalp from within, leaving it fresh, hydrated, and full of life.

Instead of using separate products, you can rely on this single collection for all your scalp and hair hydration needs. The collection fixes the dryness issue right from the root level and gives you hair that looks 10 years younger.


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