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Oil on the hair and scalp is completely natural. Everyone produces sebum and it’s an essential way the body keeps the hair and scalp moisturised.

However, we don’t all produce the same amount and, particularly in the summer months, some people can suffer from excessive oil production, experiencing more oily hair than others.

Why summer can make hair look greasy

Sebum production is controlled by the body’s sebaceous glands and these can become overactive in warmer weather.

Sweating in the summer months can exacerbate this too, by assisting the oil from sliding down the hair follicle to cover more of the hair rather than staying closer to the scalp.

How to care for greasy hair in the summer

Make sure you wash your hair regularly – you’ll likely see more sweat build up in the summer so it’s best to keep your hair as clean as you can.

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There are fresh, summery scented variants like Citrus Fresh shampoo which will help keep your hair smelling great on hot days.

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