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Many people have tried to get rid of dandruff using lemon juice – but does it really work?

The idea behind lemon juice is that it alters the pH level – the acidity – of the scalp and protect against the dandruff-causing microbe Malassezia globosa.

However, while it may have a very short-term effect on the microbe, any change to pH is just temporary.

The pH level of your scalp changes throughout the day and so any change by using a lemon juice natural remedy will be quickly reversed.

Instead, to truly treat dandruff you need to use a shampoo with an active ingredient that tackles the root cause.

Head & Shoulders shampoos contain zinc pyrithione, which has been proven in hundreds of clinical studies to be effective against Malassezia globosa.

The result is flake-free, beautiful looking hair. And if you like the invigorating, citrus smell of lemons, why not try our citrus fresh shampoo.

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