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Is there a link between dandruff and hair fall Image

You have every reason to be concerned about the health of your scalp if you realise that you’re losing hair, especially if you also spot small white flakes falling from your hair. You may wonder if there is a link between  dandruff and hair fall. We provide you with the answer in this article.

Is there a link between dandruff and hair loss?

In fact, there is a link between dandruff and loss of hair. This is evident by studies that show that around 80 per cent of those who suffer from dandruff also suffer from hair fall. This is because dandruff causes damage to the scalp and hair roots, which leads to its weakness and making it more prone to fall.

Dandruff also causes recurrent inflammation of the hair follicles, which in turn causes wear and scarring to the hair; thus, impeding the growth and accelerating the fall.

Tips on how to eliminate dandruff

Now that we have clarified the link between dandruff and hair loss, what you need to know is that immediate  treatment of the dandruff condition will prevent further damage to your scalp and hair and stops further hair fall.

You can prevent hair fall caused by dandruff by following the following tips:

1. Use an appropriate shampoo: We advise you to use a suitable shampoo that is developed specifically to treat dandruff, such as  Head & Shoulders, which contains active ingredients such as Piroctone Olamine which is effective in removing dandruff. Head & Shoulders will restore your peace of mind as it rids you of the dandruff and hair fall, and bring back vitality, strength and volume to your hair. Always look for suitable hair products that are free from ingredients that may cause irritation of the scalp or other related problems.

2. Avoid hair products that cause irritation: Hair dyes and other hair products contain ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin and cause contact dermatitis, which in turn triggers the formation of dandruff and hair loss.

3. Control stress: Though stress and anxiety do not directly trigger dandruff, they nevertheless weaken the body’s immune system over the passage of time, which can lead to the formation of dandruff and hair loss. Thus, try to control stress levels to avoid falling into that trap.

While dandruff can trigger hair fall if not treated, it can be controlled when you start leading a healthy lifestyle. This must include an appropriate and regular hair care routine – where hair is regularly washed with a suitable shampoo, such as  Head & Shoulders, which is formulated specifically to combat dandruff and the accompanying hair loss.

Lose the dandruff before you lose your hair!