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Do All Dandruff Shampoos Smell Bad?

People often think that all anti-dandruff shampoos smell bad, that they provide scalp relief but not a great scent, especially in the shower. That’s why, as a leader in the anti-dandruff market for over 50 years, Head & Shoulders has developed a breakthrough approach to enhance the shower experience: combining proprietary scalp technology and proven hair benefits with an amazing, water-activated fragrance boost. Hair and scalp care meets the ultimate shower experience in which you never have to compromise.

When Head & Shoulders technologists first teamed up with leading fragrance creators, they had one main goal in mind: to make tackling dandruff a truly pleasurable experience. To develop Fresh Scent Technology, Head & Shoulders scientists and perfumers worked together to rebalance the fragrance within the products by strengthening the sophisticated mix of top notes. These top notes are then “activated” by water during the shower, creating a fragrance that smells gorgeous and helps brighten the user’s mood as they start their day.

You don’t have to choose between treating dandruff effectively and lush-smelling hair. Head & Shoulders has created Fresh Scent Technology, using fragrances with fresh notes that come to life when they come into contact with water. The result? Anti-dandruff shampoos like Head & Shoulders’ Citrus Fresh and Menthol Refresh that keep your hair looking and smelling great.