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In order to fully understand the extent of Head & Shoulders’ effectiveness and explore better how it works to your benefit, one must first gain clear insight on what exactly dandruff is, how it is formed, and what it takes to eliminate it fully.
Malassezia globosa is a fungus that lives on all of our scalps, and survives by consuming the natural oils produced by our scalps. It is effectively harmless to most people.Unfortunately, though, many are sensitive to one of the main by-products of Malassezia globosa: oleic acid. For those who are sensitive, Malassezia globosa will lead to symptoms that include itchiness, white flakes in the hair and redness/dryness in the scalp, leaving the scalp to be inflamed and sensitive. This is precisely what dandruff is.


As all shampoos do, Head & Shoulders works to rid your hair of any accumulated sweat, dirt and skin cells that have formed. But what separates it from ordinary shampoos & non anti-dandruff shampoos is the addition of an active ingredient – piroctone olamine – to effectively and swiftly fight dandruff, from the very first use. This active compound is scientifically proven to successfully prevent and remove dandruff, as its antifungal properties help control the spread of Malassezia globosa. We choose to use piroctone olamine because it targets both the symptoms and the root cause of dandruff, all at once. Apart from piroctone olamine that helps to fight against dandruff,  Heads & Shoulders Shampoo formula contains nourishing ingredients such as silicone that helps in repairing your hair, leaving your hair soft and smooth. So, not only are we focused on eliminating your dandruff altogether, but also nourishing your hair and maintaining its overall health.

Head & Shoulders is extremely effective, and it starts to take effect from the very first wash. Experts recommend using Head & Shoulders consistently in order to maintain the natural protective layer on the scalp and prevent dandruff from coming back.

Head & Shoulders with 60+ years of research remains the key player in the fight against dandruff, and our commitment to its long-term elimination is steadfast. For all the above reasons and more, we want you to rest assured that choosing Head & Shoulders means choosing yourself. Feel better than ever, with a renewed sense of confidence, and effectively get rid of dandruff forever*.