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It is widely known that dandruff is an issue that affects approximately 70% of the general population in Saudi Arabia, both male and female. Not only does it affect many, but it is also an issue many have attempted to solve. What separates Head & Shoulders from other competing  anti-dandruff shampoo brands is quality, the results of which only prove this further. Not only does Head & Shoulders commit to eliminating dandruff, it also focuses on rebuilding the confidence lost during the fight against dandruff, to result in both hair and confidence that are stronger than ever.


Head & Shoulders ticks all the boxes. It is clinically proven to remove 100% dandruff, and it starts taking effect from the very first wash, providing visible results upon initial use. Compared to other anti-dandruff shampoo brands that sell inflated prices, Head & Shoulders promises premium quality, daily and affordably. Its price is five times less than that of competitive brands, and using it does not leave you with dry hair and a lingering medicinal smell. In fact, Head & Shoulders is dermatologically tested to be gentle on the scalp but effective in dandruff removal, giving you the ideal shampoo formula to use in every wash, and remain dandruff-worry free.

Rashid, 34-years-old, from the UAE:

“I’ve suffered from dandruff for the majority of my life, and everything I tried to do to solve it would end up compromising my hair. Now, I feel a huge sense of relief, because with H&S, I am finally able to treat my dandruff on a daily basis without the risk of drying out my hair, while still smelling fresh all day long”

Taha, 27-years-old, from Saudi Arabia:

“Throughout my adolescence and well into my 20s, it has been rather difficult for me to feel completely confident, because of my dandruff that chooses to appear at the worst times. I was jumping from shampoo to shampoo, from solution to solution, before realizing the key to my confidence and overall happiness was under my nose the whole time! As soon as I started to use Head & Shoulders, everything changed for the better, and with regular use, my dandruff is completely gone and my hair is left smooth and silky. It has never looked better!”