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5 surprising reasons that can trigger hair fall:

Hair fall is a prevalent problem that affects many people, and it has many and varied causes that may relate to health issues or lack of proper hair care. In the following paragraphs we explain the five most surprising reasons for hair loss.

1. Failure to treat a scalp dandruff condition

Failure to treat dandruff can lead to further complications; most importantly, persistent, or recurrent inflammation of hair roots, which causes weakness and damage to the follicles and consequently making hair more prone to fall. Studies show that about 80 per cent of those who suffer from dandruff also suffer from hair fall.

That’s why health specialists in scalp care recommend treatment of dandruff to limit its complications, primarily by using a suitable shampoo containing active ingredients that combat dandruff – such as Piroctone Olamine, which is used by Head & Shoulders to put an end to dandruff ... Thus, you can live to  Head & Shoulders’ advice to “lose the dandruff before you lose your hair.”

2. Malnutrition

Hair follicles need nutritional elements to remain strong and healthy. Malnutrition can cause a drop in the level of these elements in the body – which include vitamins and proteins – and consequently leads to hair fall. Studies indicate that people who suffer from hair fall have low levels of zinc, protein, Vitamins D and B3, biotin, selenium, amino acids, and iron.

3. Iron deficiency

A low level of iron in the blood is less known trigger of hair fall. The body uses iron to produce hemoglobin, which is a protein found in the red blood corpuscles whose function is to supply all body cells with oxygen to help them grow and self-repair. This also includes the cells responsible for hair growth and maintenance. That’s why people with iron deficiency suffer from more hair fall (4).

4. Hormonal changes and health conditions

Hormonal changes in the body due to pregnancy, delivery, menopause, or health issues in the thyroid gland, can lead to temporary or permanent hair loss. Other health or medical conditions, such as inflammation of the scalp, can also cause hair loss (2).

5. Severe physical or psychological stress

You may be surprised to know that severe physical stress, as can be caused by certain ailments or diseases, quick loss of weight, surgery, and others, may cause sudden, temporary hair fall. Similarly, strong anxiety, severe emotional stress, or certain psychological or psychiatric problems, can also cause hair fall (9).