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When you pull on your winter hat, you’re creating the perfect micro-climate for thousands of microbes on your scalp to thrive. It’s why itchy scalp can seem much worse in the winter months. Here’s what’s happening to make you scratch your head in winter

Itching is a common response to irritation. And in winter, there is a whole host of factors that come together to irritate your scalp.

Dry, indoor heating

Yes, it’s time to turn up the heating. But did you know, that may also turn up the dial on the itching too?

The dry air generated by indoor heating can strip moisture away from the scalp, causing it to itch.

As you itch, the problem only becomes worse because scratching can further damage the surface of the scalp. Leading to more itching. Which means more scratching. And the vicious cycle goes on…

Nice hat! It must be itchy under there

When you step outside and pull on a wooly hat, you’re inadvertently creating the ideal conditions to make itching worse.

That’s because the microbes on your scalp that cause dandruff thrive in warm, moist environments, and our studies have shown that wearing a hat creates just the right temperature and humidity for them.

More about the cause of dandruff

With dandruff comes irritation and itching. As it damages the scalp, it causes an itching sensation as well as the symptoms like flaking which we all associate with dandruff.

Careful with the hairdryer and hot shower

Both heat styling your hair and washing under very hot water can be damaging to the scalp too. We tend to do these more in winter too so it’s why the itching may appear worse.

Try to keep the water warm – just above body temperature is fine – and turn the hairdryer down. That way you won’t irritate or dry out your scalp, so you’ll have a better chance of beating the winter itch.

Keep your hair protected in winter with Head & Shoulders

Regardless of the risk, most people can’t go through winter without heating,
hairdryers and hats. So it’s best to keep your protection up with an anti-dandruff shampoo that works to tackle itchy scalp ¹.

Head & Shoulders Itchy Scalp Care range is designed to treat itchy scalp1
and help get rid of dandruff. It contains cooling extracts of mint and
eucalyptus for an immediate soothing sensation as well as our proven pyrithione zinc (ZPT) formula for instant relief from an itchy scalp and dandruff.

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¹caused by dandruff